25 Years Later, Former Mafia Hit Man’s Prophecy Over Hank Is Starting To Unfold

This is the video of Larry “Bulldog” the former mafia hit man prophesying over me at 15 years old.  So blessed and happy to have found this video 25 years later.  The words are unfolding before me.


“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void,
but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”
– Isaiah 55:11



Peter Gruver’s Vision Of Henry

Visions By His Dad’s Bedside
by Peter Gruver
It was the morning of October 9th just twenty hours before my dad‘s passing.  Abby, Cindy, Christine and I were there with him, in his room.  Dad had just been given a dose of medicine to help reduce the pain.  It was not as effective as it had been, so I climbed onto the bed with him, placed my hand on his chest and said, “peace.”  I knew Jesus was as close as the edge of the bed and the distance between us and Heaven as thin as a veil.
While praying peace over both, his body and emotions, the awareness and adoration of Jesus intensified.  As strong as a mental impression can be, I saw two very large angels to the left and right of Him.  Each time I shared an attribute of Jesus, and I knew dad could see the image I was describing.  By now he was no longer speaking and was barely moving.  As a little boy leans into the safety of his father’s chest, my Dad leaned his head into mine.  I had never before felt like a father to a father.
Jesus stood quietly as if waiting for His moment.  “You can see Him can’t you Dad!” I said, just knowing his awareness was very high.  The holiness, beauty and kindness of Jesus were overwhelming and made the worship that morning between us so intimate.
It was then that I saw Jesus crawl onto the bed and place His hand on my dad’s chest.  I watched as my imagination animated Jesus’ hand through flesh to illuminate his heart and lungs with each touch.
Jesus was so close and so beautiful.  It was during that time I saw three visions.  The first was a cylindrically shaped vertical corridor filled with a great cloud of witnesses.  One of them, a younger woman with glasses and dark hair pulled up close to her head; very similar to my Grandma Gruver, stood out from the others as she leaned heavily over the edge; her gaze fixed on Jesus.  Her anticipation seemed to say one thing; “What new facet of Jesus’ glory will be revealed in this homecoming?”
Next, I saw my Dad standing on a heavenly street dressed in a very simple robe.  It appeared to be made of a thick burlap-type material.  One single strand spiraled down to his feet while another was loosely weaved up and down across the garment.  It was the train that caught my attention: it went on and on, it was so long.  “Dad, it’s so long!” I exclaimed.  Repeating myself many times over and over.
Last of all I saw a long processional of people that stretched far over the distant hillside.  Jesus stood left of my dad, and with each introduction, Jesus placed His hand on each person’s chest saying, “Do you remember this one?”  Each one’s response to him was the same, “Thank you for sharing the message of Jesus Christ with me!”  By the third person my Dad fell to the ground completely overwhelmed in worship and awe.  Without missing a beat Jesus gently pulled him to his feet and said, “I have more people I want you to meet.”

Henry’s Vision Of Kim Jong-Un Of North Korea

As I was on my way to the Pacific Northwest, the clouds looked so wintery, and not far up out of Sheridan, Wyoming on I-90, snow began to fall and then six inches was on the highway.  I could see the tracks of an 18-wheeler clearly on the highway before me.  My thoughts quickly turned to concern over the possible danger of losing traction and sliding off of the road.  So, my prayers intensified for safety.  The falling snow turned to a complete whiteout, so heavy I could only see the 18-wheeler’s truck tires in the snow just in front of my van.  Now, I was praying really hard as I slowed down to about 30 miles per hour, hoping someone wouldn’t rear end me, or I wouldn’t run into someone else.

Photo of North Korea's Kim Jong Un

Henry Gruver’s Vision Of Kim Jong Un Explains Why We Should Pray For Un.

It was at that time that I had a vision so real that I wondered if I was literally transported to Kim Jong Un’s bed.  Standing at the foot of his bed, I watched as he shook his head and body in a back-and-forth motion.  He woke up with eyes open as if in utter terror, his forehead breaking out in beads of sweat.

The Lord spoke to me saying, “I am going to show you the dream he just had, and has been having again and again.”

With that, the whole scene changed to focusing on the right rear female behind him.  She was keeping her eyes on the male body guard to the right of Kim Jong-Un, and the female to her left.  Then, when both were looking away from her, she unstrapped the leather strap that was protecting her pistol from falling out, and kept her hand on the gun.  She watched the guards on her right and left, and when they both looked away from her, in one motion she quickly brought the gun up 3-4 inches behind Kim Jong-Un’s head, just to the left of his right ear.  She fired one shot and Kim Jong-Un dropped dead.

My vision ended and I was still following the 18-wheeler’s tracks until I came up behind him, first seeing his red brake lights right in front of my hood.  Thankfully, I had been going about the same speed as him.  He turned on his right turn signal and I stayed close enough to follow him as he turned.  He came to a full stop and I decided to cautiously pass by so no one would hit me from the rear, crushing my van under his truck.  As I carefully passed him, I cam along  second truck and pulled in front of it.  Feeling safe, I parked where no one would rear end me.

At that instant, such a powerful love for Kim Jong-Un’s soul and life hit me, and I wept deeply for his salvation.  I don’t know how long I wept for his soul, but the sound of the 18-wheelers going around me caused me to open my eyes; I looked at the time on my dash, and it said it was 2:21 pm.

For several days, I made it a point to be alone between 2 pm – 2:30 pm to pray, expecting to be transported to North Korea at Kim Jong-Un’s bedside.  For many days, I wept for his soul.

Two weeks later I was to fly to Korea to speak and to prayer walk.  I told my scheduler that I wanted to go to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and pray.  As I stood on a lookout into North Korea, I again began weeping for Kim Jong-Un.  I said, “Jesus, if you want me to, I will go down these steps and cross over into North Korea and request to talk to their leader.”

My interpreter interrupted my prayer saying, “Henry, don’t say that!  Two days ago, an 84-year-old woman walked right across down there, requesting to see her sister before she died.  They ordered her to stop and go back south, but she kept going, pleading to see her sister.  They shot her down.  They will do the same to you!”

I said that if God would give me enough peace, I would go across believing for safety, but the Peace didn’t come.  So, two days later, I was going to go to the Chinese embassy in Seoul, requesting that they arrange a visa to talk to Kim Jong-Un, but that morning the Holy Spirit told me, “No, I did not tell you to do that.  The reason I gave you that vision was to go to the South Korean pastors and tell them to pray for his soul.  I, the Lord, have no pleasure in the death of the wicked. (Ezekiel 18:32).  If they rejoice over his death, they have no reward because of their hatred of him.  Tell them to repent and cry for his salvation instead.  Many Korean pastors thanked me after I told them this, and changed.

Please read Psalms 35:9-14, espeially verse 14:  “I have behaved myself as though he had been my friend or brother; I bowed down heavily, as one that mourneth for his mother.”

Matthew 9:38 “Pray for the harvesters.”