October Newsletter Update

October 6, 2022 | Comments Off on October Newsletter Update

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ!

We want to thank each and every one that has come along side of us as we continue to draw closer into what the Lord is calling us to. It is coming up on three years since my dads homecoming while we greatly miss him and mom, we know God is always good.

Heather and I are very excited to carry on the calling of Joyful Sound Ministries.

Hank made his 3rd trip to Guatemala this year back in March.

The Lord is changing many lives and people are seeing and experiencing the Godly work that comes along with deliverance.

We are ever thankful to the Lord Jesus that we are counted worthy to be able to minister to people that need God’s healing power. It is His power that delivers us from the bondage of satan. Hallelujah!

As we seek His face and see what areas the Lord is directing us, it has been pure joy to see His Good Works unfold. With the Lord’s guidance, we were able to bring a team of nine to Guatemala

August 11-20th this year. We cannot stress enough our gratitude towards everyone praying for us during this time. The team was in unity the whole trip praise God! All the team members used their individual Spiritual gifts everywhere we went.

Whenever we had a moment to stop the bus and get out for a few minutes, it would turn into someone getting prayer and healing in their body hallejulah! We had a women receive her sight. A mute boy of 4 years old get healed and start talking. Many arms get healed. A 84 year old women’s knees receive healing.  Many more things had happened that I cannot write them all down.
A total of 20 persons came to the Lord praise God. Please pray for those that made the decision to follow Christ. That they would find a church home that can help them grow in their walk with the Lord.
We prayer walked and picked up trash one day. The governor saw this and was quit embarrassed that we were cleaning up his town.  Our pastor Juan was contacted by the governor
about a week after we had left and gave him a job of transporting troops back and forth from the capital city and would pay around $500 each trip. This contract will help provide for three families in the church.  He said that other transport companies wanted the job, but he wanted Juan to have it, praise the Lord for His favor. That is a blessing to have work and be able to have that positive communication with the governor. He invited us to come pray for him the next time we come back hallejulah!

A few days of the trip we helped build a house for Chepa and his family. He is the church bus driver and does an amazing job!

His family lost everything due to a mudslide and have been living in the chicken shed that was built last year (we were having a hard time getting the chickens) God knew Chepa and his family had a much greater need over the chickens.

We are praying that God will bring a mighty move upon marriages. For those that aren’t married, may the Lord show them His loving kindness that leads them to honoring Him. We are partnering with the church and encouraging couples to get married many of the couples are living together and say they are married but are not.

If a couple has decided to get married JSM is giving them a  wedding gift in the form of a concrete floor, water collection system, stove or some other household need. Three couples are getting married later this month Praise God.

God has given us a vision for a treatment center to be built on the church grounds where alcoholics can detox and get ministered to. We also believe this center will house mission teams and other ministries will operate out of this building. We pray that the Lord will guide us every step into fruition according to His plan.  We had an amazing interpreter Mario dedicated all of his time to being with us the whole duration of the trip. He has a beautiful family that we had the privilege of meeting. Mario has a powerful testimony coming out of alcoholism. The Lord has given him a wonderful gifting in music, to provide for his family he goes and plays worship music in restaurants and the marketplace for income. He couldn’t express how much being around men and women of God has changed him and His walk with Christ.  He had learned so much ministering with us hallejulah!

We also had a lady named Vonnie meet us in Guatemala City at the airport when we arrived. Long story short the Lord orchestrated everything and her catching a ride on the bus with us she ended up staying with us and being able to get built up in Christ. She has a love for Guatemala and has been coming and going since 2014 as a single missionary. She too was touched by the Lord and overcome with gratitude. It definitely was a God thing! His ways are always better than what we can ever imagine. She helped us ladies understand the culture and give us insight on certain things that were happening. I praise the Lord for our time together and Lord willing future trips together.

Our brother in Christ Hector and his wife Minga are such a vital part of these trips, six of us stayed at their home. Minga prepared countless meals for team that agree with our bodies a bit more than the traditional food.  Hector has been with Hank on every trip and interpreted as well. He has a compassionate heart towards his people. He knew how to interpret our prayers for the people during the services, on the streets and in the dining halls. We are so very thankful for him and his wife’s hospitality towards the whole team.  Minga’s mom who was a devout Mayan catholic gave her heart to the Lord, it was so precious to witness. Glory be to God!!

Countless other testimonies happened on this trip, we are so blessed to be apart of what God is doing. The previous three trips that Hank went on alone only saw one salvation per trip yet God multiplied it by 20 with a team.  All Glory to the King!

We are praying about the next team trip possibly with “The River Church” next year.

We have been led to open a space to use for worship and prayer nights here in the US. We have a healing room set up in our place of business and have been able to meet with individuals and couples to pray and see God move in His presence. Please be praying that many more lives have an awesome encounter with our Lord Jesus! Amen!

As we set forth and Go we know we will Grow,  God will strengthen our faith and give us many more encounters that only He can do! We are extremely excited and on the edge of our seats waiting for the next chapter in our lives to be used for His Kingdom. We are always giving thanks for you! Our hearts are full knowing
that God is enough. May the Lord continue to awaken us this year!

God Bless Each and every one of you!

Ye that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord: he is their help and their shield.
Psalms 115:11


Servants of the King of kings,

Hank & Heather Gruver

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